The UCO develops an application capable of converting weather forecasts into tangible results to help users

The COSMIC project evaluated the use of microwaves and ultrasounds to prevent the use of polluting chemical substances and to obtain new catalysts based on pig hair and spare automobile parts

The Aristoil project established a set of 10 good practices to increase polyphenols, the 'star' compounds in virgin olive oil that endow it with its healthy and antioxidant properties

The HUGS project, based on the concept of the Circular Economy, sought to provide an outlet for two secondary products produced in large quantities during the manufacture of 'bioplastic'

The main aim of the project was to collect satellite imagery from several decades ago to quantify ecosystem services and conserve protected areas

The Paragone project discovers that 'liver fluke' controls the host's response from the first day it enters its body, and concentrated the fight against this parasite on its early stages

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