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Day 2 - Wednesday, 18 April 2012
FROM 17.30 TO 19.00
Posters related to Session I


Aging of wine vinegars with differents woods: influence in the polifenols and colour.

V. González*, I. López, JM. León, J. Lasheras, F. Heredia, P. Ramírez


Analysis of variation of main components and functional factors during aging process of Shanxi Aged Vinegar.

T. Chen, J.J. Shi, F.S.Chen*


Evolution of wine vinegar composition during aging with oak barrels.

V. González*, P. Ramírez, JM. León, J. Lasheras, I. López


Oral administration of lipopolysaccharide of acetic acid bacteria protects pollen allergy in mice model.

H. Inagawa, S. Amano, T. Nagashima, C. Kohchi, G.I. Soma


The age of balsamic vinegar: residence time and chemical descriptors.

F. Lemmetti*, P. Giudici

Posters related to Session II

Acetic acid bacteria culture collection: significance and management.

L. De Vero*


Characterisation of acetic acid bacteria producing high-acid vinegar.

C. Andrés-Barrao, D. Bravo, M.L. Chappuis, R. Ortega Pérez, M. Ojha, P. Junier, F. Barja*


Diversity and dynamics of cultivable population of acetic acid bacteria and yeasts in Kombucha.

L. Solieri, D. Mamlouk, L. Kallel, M.Gullo*


Isolation, classification and identification of yeast from Shanxi Aged Vinegar.

J.J. Wu, X.Y. Zhang, F.S. Chen*


Isolation of acetic acid bacteria species in grape musts: ‚ÄúNew‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúold‚ÄĚ species.

D. Navarro, E. Mateo, A. Mas*, M.J. Torija


Kombucha tea: a bioresource for acetic acid bacteria.

L. Kallel*, M. Gullo, M. Hamdi


Phylogenetic affiliation of two novel Gluconacetobacter strains producing extracellular polysaccharides.

N. SlapŇ°ak, I. Cleenwerck, K. Matsushita, J. Trcek*


Semi industrial vinegar production from harvested fruit leftover.

N. Calo, C. Andrés-Barrao, M. Chappuis, C. Revillod, R. Eklu-Natey, F. Barja*

Posters related to Session III

Genome sequence of Gluconacetobacter europaeus.

C. Andrés-Barrao, L. Falquet, S. P. Calderon-Copete, M. Docquier, P. Descombes, R. Ortega Pérez, F. Barja*


Performing 13C-metabolic flux analysis on acetic acid bacteria.

S. Ostermann*, W. Wiechert, M. Oldiges


Over-expressed truncated C-terminal of Aspartyl-tRNA Synthetase from Acetobacter pasteurianus SKU1108 inhibits cell division of Escherichia coli at high temperature.

G. Theeragool*, K. Tasanapak, W. Yongmanitchai, K. Matsushita

Posters related to Session IV

Balsamic Honey vinegar elaboration using oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry and ash chips.

I. Anton, W. Tesfaye*, A. Morata, F. Palomero, S. Benito, J.A. Su√°rez-Lepe


Coinoculation of acetic acid bacteria in microacetifications of strawberry wine.

D. García, E. Mateo, A. Mas, M.J. Torija*


Dependence of viable cell concentration on operational variables during an acetification process in a fed-batch pilot fermenter.

I.M. Santos-Due√Īas*, J.E. Jim√©nez-Hornero, A.M. Ca√Īete-Rodr√≠guez, J.C. Mauricio, T. Garc√≠a-Mart√≠nez, S. Baena-Ruano, I. Garc√≠a-Garc√≠a


Effect of yeast and acetic acid bacteria inoculation in strawberry vinegar production by traditional methods.

C. Hidalgo, M.J. Torija*, A. Mas, E. Mateo


Kinetic modelling of acetic fermentation of onion juice by genetic algorithms.

J.M. González-Sáiz, C. Pizarro, I. Esteban, N. Pérez del Notario, A. Sáenz-Mateo


Oxidation of sugars and polyalcohols by acetic acid bacteria during surface culture fermentations.

P. Giudici*, M. Gullo, L. De Vero


Polynomial modelling for the optimization of acetic acid wine fermentation in a fed-batch pilot fermenter.

I.M. Santos-Due√Īas*, J.E. Jim√©nez-Hornero, A.M. Ca√Īete-Rodr√≠guez, S. Baena-Ruano, D. Cantero-Moreno, I. Garc√≠a-Garc√≠a


Preliminary evaluation of honey vinegar production in a submerged culture fed-batch pilot fermenter.

A.M. Ca√Īete-Rodr√≠guez*, I.M. Santos-Due√Īas, J. Peinado-Peinado, J.M. Flores-Serrano, F. Padilla-√Ālvarez, I. Garc√≠a-Garc√≠a


Production of strawberry vinegar as a base product in the development of new healthy beverages.

A.M. Ca√Īete-Rodr√≠guez, I.M. Santos-Due√Īas, J.L. Bonilla-Venceslada, J.E. Jim√©nez-Hornero, I. Garc√≠a-Garc√≠a*


Small scale cultivation of acetic acid bacteria for vinegar production.

T. Schlep√ľtz*, J. B√ľchs


Study of the volatile and polyphenolic content of a sherry wine vinegar enriched with dietary fibre.

A. Marrufo, E. Dur√°n, M.J. Cejudo, R. Castro*, R. Natera, C.G. Barroso


Submerged cultures of Gluconobacter genus in strawberry pulp for making a gluconic acid based product. An ingredient for new healthy beverages.

A.M. Ca√Īete-Rodr√≠guez, I.M. Santos-Due√Īas, J.C. Mauricio, C. Mart√≠nez-Pedrajas, I. Garc√≠a-Garc√≠a*


Using a series of two fed-batch pilot fermenters for optimizing the wine vinegar production process.

C. √Ālvarez-C√°liz*, I.M. Santos-Due√Īas, A.M. Ca√Īete-Rodr√≠guez, M.C. Mill√°n-Perez, J.L. Bonilla-Venceslada, I. Garc√≠a-Garc√≠a

Posters related to Session V

Characterization of commercial vinegar of Modena by multivariate analysis.

M. Labbé, P. López-Colom, F. López*


Determination of biogenic amines in vinegars using solid-phase extraction and 6-aminoquinolyl-n-hydroxysuccinimidyl carbamate as derivatizing agent.

J.L. Ord√≥√Īez*, R.M. Callej√≥n, M.L. Morales, M.C. Garc√≠a-Parrilla


Effects of saccharification methods on the organoleptic properties of rice vinegar.

A. Mori*, S.Shiratori, N.Nakamura


Evaluation of biogenic amines in products obtained by alcoholic and gluconic fermentation of strawberries.

J.L. Ord√≥√Īez*, M.A. √Ālvarez-Fern√°ndez, R.M. Callej√≥n, M.L. Morales, M.C. Garc√≠a-Parrilla


Study of the volatile profile of high quality vinegars by stir bar sorptive extraction.

A. Marrufo, M.J. Cejudo, E. Dur√°n, R. Castro, R. Natera*, F. Chinnici, C.G. Barroso


Vinegar classification based on UV-Vis and NIR data fusion and variable selection.

J.M. González-Sáiz*, I. Esteban-Díez, A. Sáenz-Mateo, C. Pizarro


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