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Day 4 - Friday, 20 April 2012



  • Paolo Giudici. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Kazunobu Matsushita. Yamaguchi University, Japan
  • Fusheng Chen. Huazhong Agricultural University, China
  • Isidoro García García. University of Córdoba, Spain

Closing talk

12.00 to 13.00

Adaptive Evolution and Adaptive Breeding of Acetic Acid Bacteria, and its Future Prospect for AAB Research and Development
Kazunobu Matsushita
Department of Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University, Japan


The 3rd International Conference on Acetic Acid Bacteria. Vinegar and Other Products.

Organizing Committee: Área de Ingeniería Química. Edificio Marie Curie. Campus Universitario de Rabanales. Universidad de Córdoba. Ctra. (a) de Madrid, Km. 396. (14071) Córdoba, Spain.

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